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Testing Your Knowledge
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1. Define the following terms:

  • a. metabolism
  • b. homeostasis
  • c. irritability
  • d. adaptation
  • 2. Place the following terms in size order, from smallest to largest: ecosystem, cell, organelle, organ system, tissue, atom, community, molecule, organ, biosphere, macromolecule.

    3. Give three examples of adaptations from this chapter or from your own observations of life.

    4. Define the following terms and indicate how each is part of designing an experiment:

  • a. variable
  • b. sample size
  • c. experimental control
  • d. placebo
  • e. double-blind design
  • 5. How do the evidence and observations supporting the estrogen mimic theory examine life at the molecular, cellular, whole organism, and population levels?

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