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Thinking Scientifically
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1. Give an example of how molecular and anatomical evidence can complement or support each other.

2. If DNA could be extracted from dinosaurs, how could the sequence be used to learn more about the origins of Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus?

3. Some genes are more alike between human and chimp than other genes are from person to person. Does this mean that chimps are humans or that humans with different alleles are different species? What other explanation fits the facts?

4. Inheritance can be traced through females by tracking mitochondrial DNA sequences. Suggest a way that male inheritance can be followed.

5. Why is the DNA sequence of one gene a less accurate indicator of the evolutionary relationship between two species than a DNA hybridization experiment comparing large portions of the two genomes?

6. What present environmental conditions might preserve organisms to form tomorrow’s fossils?

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