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Testing Your Knowledge
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1. Which tissue provides a plant's continuous growth?
2. Which plant tissue is the most abundant?
3. What are the functions of the following substances?
a. cutin
b. mucigel
c. subergin
4. How are the two types of xylem cells similar to the two types of phloem cells?
5. List two ways that a plant's anatomy is adaptive to existence on land.
6. Describe how leaves and roots maximize surface area.
7. What are some of the ways in which we classify leaves?
8. Cite a stem specialization and a leaf specialization that provide protection.
9. Corn is a monocot and cucumber is a dicot. How do these plants differ in the following?
a. stem structure
b. leaf venation
c. root organization
10. Moving from the outermost bark layer to the center of a tree's trunk, which tissues are encountered and what type of meristem produced each?

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Additional Question

1. What are three adaptations in leaves that optimize photosynthetic efficiency?

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