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Testing Your Knowledge
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1. What is sustainability?

2. Cite biological evidence of global warming.

3. In what ways is the greenhouse effect both beneficial and detrimental?

4. What is being done to restore or prevent further destruction of:

  • a. the Everglades
  • b. the Aral Sea
  • c. grasslands in the Midwestern United States (see chapter 44)
  • d. the Great Barrier Reef
  • e. oceans
  • f. the Rhine River
  • g. Prince William Sound
  • 5. What natural protections do ecosystems have against the destructive effects of each of the following?

  • a. acid precipitation
  • b. global warming from the greenhouse effect
  • c. ocean pollution
  • 6. How can too much of a nutrient alter an ecosystem?

    7. Give an example of an environmental problem that had an immediate effect and one that had a delayed effect.

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    1. What effects can each of these events have on an ecosystem?

  • a. A major oil spill.
  • b. Acid precipitation.
  • c. Thinning of the ozone layer.
  • d. Damming a river.
  • e. Polluting an estuary.
  • 2. Discuss two ways that pollutants can persist in an ecosystem even after their use ceases.

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