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Testing Your Knowledge
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1. Identify the stage of mitosis the following illustrations depict (refer to art in text)

2. What might be the consequence of blocked mitosis? Blocked apoptosis?

3. Describe the events that take place during mitosis.

4. Why is G1 a crucial time in the life of a cell?

5. Why isn’t interphase a time of cellular rest, as biologists once thought?

6. List four ways that cancer cells differ from normal cells.

7. How do biochemical from inside and outside the cell control the cell cycle?

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Additional Questions

1. Distinguish between the following:

  • a. Karyotkinesis and cytokinesis.
  • b. A replicated chromosome and an unreplicated chromosome.
  • c. A centromere and a centrosome.
  • d. An oncogene and a tumor suppressor gene.
  • e. A cyclin and a kinase.
  • f. Interphase and mitosis.
  • 2. What are the roles of the following proteins in controlling cell division?

  • a. Growth factors.
  • b. Tubulin.
  • c. Telomerase.
  • d. Cyclin.
  • e. Kinase.
  • f. Survivin.
  • 3. Give an example of how overly frequent or extensive mitosis can harm health. Give an example of how too infrequent or too little mitosis can harm health.

    4. What is the consequence of karyokinesis without cytokinesis?

    5. How do telomeres in cancer cells keep their telomeres long?

    6. What is contact inhibition?

    7. How can gene activation and gene inactivation each cause cancer?

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