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The Human Organism

1. Define anatomy and explain the importance of understanding the relationship between structure and function.
2. Define physiology and state two major goals of physiology.
Structural and Functional Organization
3. Describe six levels of organization of the body, and give the major characteristics of each level.
4. List 11 organ systems and give the major functions of each.
Characteristics of Life
5. List six characteristics of life.
6. Define homeostasis and explain why it is important.
7. Diagram a negative-feedback mechanism and a positive-feedback mechanism, and describe their relationships to homeostasis.
Terminology and the Body Plan
8. Describe a person in the anatomic position.
9. Define the directional terms for the human body, and use them to locate specific body structures.
10. Define the parts and regions of the body.
11. Name and describe the three major planes of the body and an organ.
12. Describe the major trunk cavities.
13. Describe the serous membranes, and give their functions.

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