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Functions of the Heart
1. List the major functions of the heart.
Size, Form, and Location of the Heart
2. Describe the size, shape, and location of the heart, and explain why knowledge of its location is important.
Anatomy of the Heart
3. Describe the structure of the pericardium.
4. Give the location and function of the coronary arteries.
5. Describe the chambers of the heart.
6. Name the valves of the heart and state their locations and functions.
7. Describe the flow of blood through the heart and name each of the chambers and structures through which the blood passes.
Histology of the Heart
8. List the components of the heart wall and describe the structure and function of each.
9. Describe the structural and functional characteristics of cardiac muscle cells.
Electrical Activity of the Heart
10. Describe the characteristics of action potentials in cardiac muscle.
11. Explain the structure and function of the conduction system of the heart.
12. Define each wave of the electrocardiogram and relate each of them to contractions of the heart.
Cardiac Cycle
13. Describe the cardiac cycle and the relationship between contraction of each of the chambers, the pressure in each of the chambers, the phases of the electrocardiogram, and the heart sounds.
Heart Sounds
14. Describe the heart sounds and their significance.
Regulation of Heart Function
15. Describe intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of the heart.
16. Give the conditions for which the major heart medications and treatments are administered.
Effects of Aging on the Heart
17. List the major age-related changes that affect the heart.

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