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Animation: Protein Denaturation
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View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1What type of bonds link individual amino acids together?
A)peptide bonds
B)polymerizing bonds
C)hydrogen bonds
D)organic bonds

2The helix that forms in a protein chain as a result of hydrogen bonds and other weak forces is an example of
A)primary structure of protein.
B)secondary structure of protein.
C)tertiary structure of protein.
D)non-linear structure of protein.

3In the stable form of protein, what is generally oriented to the interior of the protein molecule?
A)large portions
B)random portions
C)hydrophobic portions
D)hydrophilic portions

4When an egg is fried, what happens to the protein in the egg?
A)amino acids form new proteins
B)the heat converts the protein into water
C)because the heat removes water, the hydrophilic amino acids leave the pan
D)the protein is denatured

5When forming a semi-solid gel such as gelatin, what type of molecule does the process of protein coagulation entrap?

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