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Dos mundos: Comunicación y comunidad, 6/e

Tracy D. Terrell, Late, University of California at San Diego
Magdalena Andrade, Irvine Valley College
Jeanne Egasse, Irvine Valley College
Elías Miguel Muñoz

ISBN: 0072959258
Copyright year: 2006

The philosophy of this best-selling introductory text is to emphasize communicative language proficiency. Based on the Natural Approach, the text utilizes engaging activities and interesting readings in a natural and spontaneous classroom atmosphere. The development of communicative language skills is central to the approach, with formal grammar presentation and grammar practice at the service of communication. Dos mundos: Comunicación y comunidad is designed so that class time can be devoted to exposing students to Spanish through the abundant activities and readings in the text, allowing the grammar explanations and exercises to be studied outside of class if desired.

New to the sixth edition are Flash-based animations that bring to life the cast of characters from the textbook (Los amigos norteamericanos and Los amigos hispanos), a hallmark of the Dos mundos program. Click on the Los amigos animados link on the left-hand side of the screen to view samples of these exciting new animations.

New! Dos mundos e-Book

Are you looking for a text to use in a distance learning course? Are you looking to create a hybrid course, one in which students spend equal time in class and online? Want to enhance your classes with additional text-specific media? Look no further! The new Dos mundos e-Book brings the best of both worlds (in-class and online) together.

Click here to download a guided tour of the exciting new e-Book version of Dos mundos.

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