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Reel Justice Interactive Movie CD-ROM

WILL Interactive
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 0072961201
Copyright year: 2005

Feature Summary

  • This CD-ROM can serve as an integral companion to any introductory criminal justice text. Reel Justice allows each student to interact in a contextually relevant and meaningful way with the concepts described in an introductory criminal justice course.
  • In addition to the movie, the CD-ROM includes a variety of assessment and reporting features; a 50-page detailed Instructor's Manual (available on the Instructor's CD-ROM) helps instructors make the most of the Reel Justice program.
  • "Study Mode" offers topic-specific self-assessments and homework assignments, ideal for student test preparation. In addition to the review and self-assessment activities on the CD-ROM itself, more activities and homework assignments are available on the Reel Justice website.
  • "Story Mode" includes topical summaries and links to online assessment activities.
  • A "Scorecard" feature tracks a student’s completion of CD-ROM assignments and reports completion status to the instructor using new e-mail and print features.
  • A companion Reel Justice website offers resources for both students and instructors.
Reel Justice Interactive Movie CD-ROM

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