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Multiple Choice Quiz
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In 1985, the white unemployment rate was 6.6 percent. What was the black unemployment rate?
In 1990, the median income for white families was $36,915. What was the median income for black families?
What scholar was the first to identify and seriously critique the rise of the black underclass?
A)William Julius Wilson
B)Cornell West
C)Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
D)Barbara Fields
What was the purpose of the Million Man March?
A)to demand job equality
B)to protest the perception of the "undeserving black poor"
C)to renew a commitment to the transformation of black communities
D)to "reform" the reputation of the Nation of Islam
Who was the first African American female astronaut?
A)Dr. Mae C. Jemison
B)Maxine Waters
C)Shirley Chisholm
D)Dr. Marion Wright Edelman
What black athlete headed Forbes magazine's list of the forty highest paid athletes for three years (1990-1992)?
A)Shaquille O'Neal
B)Michael Jordan
C)Tiger Woods
D)Charles Barkley
Who was Chicago's first black mayor?
A)Jesse Jackson
B)Harold Washington
C)Marion Berry, Jr.
D)Andrew Jackson
Who used the Rainbow Coalition to support his presidential campaign?
A)Jesse Jackson
B)Harold Washington
C)Marion Berry, Jr.
D)Andrew Jackson
How did Jesse Jackson's 1984 bid for the presidency affect the black electorate?
A)Blacks voted in larger numbers than ever before.
B)Blacks were generally not supportive of Jackson's presidency and turned out in relatively low numbers.
C)Blacks supported Jackson, but there was no change in the number of black voters in the 1984 election.
D)Black women came out in record numbers to support Jackson, but there was no discernable increase in black male voting.
What happened to black unemployment rates during the Reagan-Bush years?
A)It grew at an alarming rate.
B)It declined drastically.
C)It declined in urban areas but there was incredible growth in rural areas.
D)It remained about the same as the preceding two decades.
How did Ronald Reagan respond to Senator Jesse Helms's remark that Martin Luther King, Jr. should not have a federal holiday in his honor because of King's alleged Communist Party associations?
A)He staunchly defended King.
B)He challenged Helms to produce evidence.
C)He said "We'll find out in thirty-five years," referencing the period of time for which King's FBI files would be unavailable.
D)He called King's family and committed himself, when he would become president in a few days, to fight for the holiday.
How many votes did Jesse Jackson receive in the 1988 Democratic primary races?
A)more than 6.6 million
B)more than 2.3 million
C)barely 300,000
D)about 1.2 million
Who was Ronald Brown?
A)H. Ross Perot's campaign manager
B)the chair of the Democratic National Committee, the first black man to hold the position, and a big reason African Americans were attracted to the 1992 Clinton-Gore ticket
C)the head of he U.S. Civil Rights Commission, appointed by President Bush in 1990
D)the first black director-general of the Foreign Service, who served under President George H. W. Bush
How did the Reagan presidency affect the Civil Rights Commission?
A)Reagan wanted the commission gone, and through his actions, though it was not ended, it became little more than a debating society.
B)This was one of the few such entities that Reagan supported, and it flourished during his presidency.
C)Reagan simply refused to replace retiring members, until the commission ceased to exist.
D)This was one of the few such entities that Reagan and his administration simply left alone.
What issue was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court in Martin v. Wilkins in 1989?
A)White firefighters in Alabama were allowed to sue the city for making race-conscious promotions, even though there were no blacks employed by the department at the time.
B)The city of Richmond's "set aside program" was found to be unconstitutional.
C)"Separate but equal" language found its way back into federal hiring practices.
D)The burden of proof in a workplace discrimination case was shifted from the employer to the employee.
Who replaced Thurgood Marshall on the U.S. Supreme Court?
A)Ruth Bader Ginsberg
B)Sandra Day O'Connor
C)Clarence Thomas
D)Antonin Scalia
In June 1995, the Supreme Court found that what state's new congressional district violated the equal protection of white voters?
A)North Carolina
D)South Carolina
What opinion did the authors of 1994's The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life put forth?
A)that black students lagged behind white students because of poverty-related issues
B)that black and white students should not be afforded the same education
C)that black students' performance was inaccurately measured by standardized testing that did not consider cultural factors
D)that race should not be considered a factor in assessing a student's abilities
Who was NOT among the black conservative voices that presented the most vocal opposition to affirmative action policies in the 1990s?
A)Glenn Loury
B)Walter Williams
C)Cornell West
D)Thomas Sowell
What racial incident sparked four days of rioting in Los Angeles in 1992?
A)the beating of Rodney King
B)the acquittal of white police officers who had beaten Rodney King
C)the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the Rodney King trial
D)Rodney King's conviction for resisting arrest
Who was Amadou Diallo?
A)a black hitchhiker who was chained to a vehicle by two white men and dragged to his death in Texas
B)a Haitian immigrant who was beaten and sodomized while in the custody of Brooklyn police officers
C)an unarmed Guinean immigrant who, when he reached for his wallet which the police claimed they thought was a gun, was shot forty-five times by New York police
D)the last black many to be lynched in America
What black female writer won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for one of her novels and was the first African American recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature for her body of writings?
A)Rita Dove
B)Toni Morrison
C)Alice Walker
D)Audre Lord
Who emerged as the premier African American playwright in the last decade of the twentieth century?
A)August Wilson
B)Rita Dove
C)Gayl Jones
D)Ishmael Reed
What black filmmaker(s) made Do the Right Thing (1989)?
A)John Singleton
B)Spike Lee
C)Mario Van Peebles
D)Allen and Albert Hughes
Who founded the cable network Black Entertainment Television in 1980?
A)Robert L. Johnson
B)Oprah Winfrey
C)Bill Cosby
D)Spike Lee
What artist does the text identify as the one whose life most poignantly "captures black progress and poverty in the late twentieth century"?
A)Kara Walker
B)Lorna Simpson
C)Jean Michel Basquiat
D)Eugene J. Martin
When did Hip Hop begin?
A)the 1970s
B)the 1980s
C)the 1990s
D)the 1960s
Who emerged as arguable the first major producer of Hip Hop?
A)Sean Combs
B)Afrika Bambaataa
C)Russell Simmons
D)Rick Rubin
What Hip Hop group provoked a wave of controversy with their album Nasty as They Wanna Be in 1989?
A)2 Live Crew
C)Public Enemy
D)the Beastie Boys
When did apartheid end in Africa?
A)in 1985
B)in 1990
C)in 1992
D)in 1998

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