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Human Development Across the Lifespan, 6/e

John S. Dacey, Boston College
John F. Travers, Boston College

ISBN: 0072967358
Copyright year: 2006


The supplements listed here may accompany Dacey & Travers's Human Development Across the Lifespan, sixth edition. Please contact your local McGraw-Hill representative for details concerning policies, prices, and availability, as some restrictions may apply.

For the Instructor

Instructor's Manual by Teresa Hutchens, Ph.D., University of Tennessee and Test Bank by Patti Price, Ph.D., Wingate University

The Instructor's Manual to accompany the sixth edition of Human Development Across the Lifespan includes new teaching ideas for each chapter, as well as a summary outline, learning objectives, key terms, lecture suggestions, classroom or student activities, and questions for review and discussion. In addition, we have included supplementary resources for both video/ film and Web site use for the human development instructor. The summary outline and learning objectives closely follow the text and highlight important concepts and topics from each chapter. The learning objectives are also used in the test bank to help instructors select supporting questions. Key terms from the text are listed to show which terms need to be emphasized within lectures. Complete lecture suggestions that give entertaining, yet educational, ideas on how to enliven classroom discussion of the text material are provided as well. In addition, classroom activities serve to provide hands-on suggestions for applying course material to students' everyday lives in and out of the classroom. Questions for review and discussion are available for each chapter to aid instructors in promoting class participation and/or as essay question assignments.

The Instructor's Manual can be found on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM and on the book Web site (

The Test Bank provides instructors with more than 1,500 test questions specifically related to the main text. This testing tool includes multiple-choice questions for each chapter from which to develop test materials. In addition, each test item is identified by type as factual, conceptual, or applied for easier test development. The Test Bank is available in Microsoft Word format and in computerized format on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

This teaching tool offers instructors the opportunity to customize McGraw-Hill materials to create their lecture presentations. Resources include the Instructor's Manual, Test Bank/Computerized Test Bank, PowerPoint pre-sentation slides, and the Image Database for Developmental Psychology.

PageOut—Build Your Own Course Web Site in Less Than an Hour

You don't have to be a computer whiz to create a Web site, especially with an exclusive McGraw-Hill product called PageOut™ that requires no prior knowledge of HTML—no long hours of coding and no design skills on your part.

The McGraw-Hill Developmental Psychology Image Database & Overhead Transparencies

This set of 200 full-color images was developed using the best selection of our human development art and tables and is available in electronic format on the text's Web site and as part of our Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, as well as in a print overhead transparency set. These images have been selected to correspond with the instructor's manual. Plus, instructors can add their own lecture notes to the electronic images as well as organize the images to correspond to their particular classroom needs.

Online Learning Center

This extensive Web site, designed specifically to accompany Dacey & Travers's Human Development Across the Lifespan, sixth edition, offers an array of resources for both instructor and student. PowerPoint Presentations by Kimberly Foreman, the Developmental Psychology Image Database, Web Links, and more resources can be found by logging on to the text site at

Annual Editions—Human Development 05/06

Published by Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, this is a collection of 45 articles on topics related to the latest research and thinking in human development. These editions are updated annually and contain helpful features, including a topic guide, an annotated table of contents, unit overviews, and a topical index. An instructor's guide containing testing materials is available.

Sources: Notable Selections in Human Development

This is a collection of over 40 articles, book excerpts, and research studies that have shaped the study of human development and our contemporary understanding of it. The selections are organized topically around major areas of study within human development. Each selection is preceded by a headnote that establishes the relevance of the article or study and provides biographical information on the author.

Guide to Lifespan Development for Future Educators & Guide to LifeSpan Development for Future Nurses

These course supplements help students apply the concepts of human development to education. Each supplement contains information, exercises, and sample tests designed to help students prepare for certification and understand human development from a professional perspective.

For the Student

Online Learning Center

The official Web site for the text contains chapter outlines, practice quizzes that can be e-mailed to the professor, links to relevant Web sites, and other interactive activities such as crosswords and flashcards.

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