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Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

WILL Interactive
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 0072992212
Copyright year: 2005

Reel Society Interactive Movie is a multimedia tool that brings basic sociological concepts to life.

Reel Society: An Interactive Movie 2.0 is a two CD-ROM set that uses actors and scenarios involving life on campus, in the community, and in the family to demonstrate key topics in sociology. Your students, as the viewers, will influence key plot turns by making choices for the characters. They will explore fundamental sociological principles and issues firsthand including conflict, functionalist, and interactionist perspectives; stratification; social mobility; family; education; religion; and economic and political systems. In the process they will master course concepts more completely.

Reel Society is a breakthrough in the use of media to teach sociology at the college level. When used as a complement to a textbook, Reel Society can be the catalyst for insightful and stimulating discussion both inside and outside the classroom. “Study mode” and “Story mode” allow the student to choose the structure of a feature film to introduce topics and related concepts, or link scenes to specific topics, textbook chapters, quizzes, essay and discussion questions and homework assignments.

Reel Society 2.0 expands upon version 1.0 by including additional story lines and sociological concepts on a second CD-ROM. It also introduces new study tools for effectively integrating the use of Reel Society with any introductory sociology text book. It includes self-quizzes, a suite of Internet activities, and the ability to report back to the instructor by e-mail upon completion of assigned assessment activities. A new Instructor’s Edition provides customized setup options for using Reel Society in class. An instructor's guide is also available (0-07-299791-5).

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ISBN: 0-07-299663-3

Executive Producer: Gene Bryan Johnson

Reel Society Interactive Movie CD Version 2.0

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