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Solver Table Alert
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An Alert Regarding Solver Table

An issue has arisen with Solver Table when using Excel 2003 SP1. There are no known issues with Excel 97, 2000, 2003 (without any SP), or the beta version of Excel 2003 with SP2. The issue is specifically with Excel 2003 and SP1. With Excel 2003 and SP1, if Solver Table is installed and then selected under Add-Ins, in the Tools menu, when Excel is first opened it will report an error with Solver Table and ask if you would like to disable Solver Table.

Here are two workarounds:

1) Install SP2 for Excel 2003. This seems to resolve the issue for at least the beta version of SP2 for Excel 2003. (The final version was not available at this writing.)

2) Solver Table only causes an error during Excel startup, and only if it is checked under Add-Ins in the Tools menu. A workaround is therefore to leave it UNchecked under Add-Ins in the Tools menu until after Excel is loaded. In other words, go into Add-Ins in the Tools menu and check Solver Table only when you want to use it after Excel has loaded. However, before closing Excel, be sure to uncheck it again so it won’t cause an issue when Excel is opened again. (If you forget to uncheck it, you will again get the error message on Excel startup. If you simply say yes when it asks you to disable it, Excel will still function properly. You will just need to go back into Add-Ins under the Tools menu to re-check Solver Table if and when you want to use it.)

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