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Success Behaviors in the Classroom
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"It's where we go, and what we do when we get there, that tells us who we are."
                                                                                   --Joyce Carol Oates, writer

Congratulations on being here, in college, in a course that can help you become a more successful, confident student. What you do, now that you're here, will tell you a lot about yourself as a person. You are the decision-maker. Each decision you make, big or small, will either take you closer or move you away from what you want to achieve.

Answer the following questions. They will help you clarify why you are here and what you plan to do now that you are here. They will give you insight about the type of you are or want to become.


Why did you decide to attend college? Do you want to be here, or is it because someone else (such as a family member, boyfriend or girlfriend, or employer) wants you to attend?


How committed are you to completing this course? To completing the semester? Explain your answer.


What specifically can you do in order to make yourself more successful this semester? Which suggestions in Chapter 1 would help you most?


What do your answers to the questions above tell you about yourself as a person?

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