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Other Words that Signal Organization
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In addition to the specific writing patterns you met in Chapter 11, there are other general clues authors use to indicate how information is organized. You say, hear, and read these constantly, so all that is needed is a quick review. Authors use these same signals, regardless of the topic they are writing about. They use these to show the relationship of ideas within sentences, between sentences, and between paragraphs.

Continuation Signals
These tell you that more information is coming, that additional information will be added.

 andalso in addition
  moreover furthermore another
  too again

one reason

Change of Direction Signals
These tell you that the author is doubling back to mention an exception or make a qualification.

  in spite of but even though
  yet however


  while though


Emphasis Signals
These tell you to pay special attention to the information that follows. Authors typically these phrases at the beginning of a sentence.

  Above all It is important A key feature is
  Especially important Be sure you understand Remember that
  To repeat, To reiterate It should be noted that

Most of all

  The basic concept The heart of the matter

More than anything else

  The main point The primary outcome

More than anything else

  The main point The primary outcome The main issue
  Pay particular attention to

It cannot be emphasized enough


Authors also use exclamation points (!), special type ( bold , italics, color ), a heading such as Conclusion, and points set off with numbers or letters (1, 2, 3; a, b, c).

Example Signals
These tell you that an example or illustration is coming. Examples often show you what an idea or principle means in reality or real life.

  for example to illustrate for instance
  like such as specifically

Summarization and Conclusion Signals
The ORL presents information about summaries, shortened versions of material that give the main points. Authors often end chapter sections or even entire chapters with a summary. Since summary paragraphs contain such valuable information, you should pay special attention to them. Authors use these signals to introduce summaries and important conclusions:

  In summary To summarize In brief
  In short To sum up

In conclusion

  All in all All things considered


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