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Dictionary Concept Map
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Concept Map for Using the Dictionary

Need to see the big picture for locating and using a dictionary entry? The picture—concept map—below doesn't include graphics. The arrows, however, show how the parts fit together.

  • Items inside yellow shapes (ellipses) are parts of a dictionary entry. Questions on the arrows leading to each one show the type of information it provides.
  • Determining the meaning of a word—its definition—is the main reason people look up words in a dictionary, so that important part is in pink. All of the other information helps you locate the word, pronounce it correctly, determine the definition, and learn other helpful information about the word and how it is used.

If possible, print out a copy of this concept map or make one of your own. Put a check mark in the ellipse if you think you understand the skill. Go all the way out to the end of one skill, and then do the next. When you are finished, you can look at your map to see the dictionary skills you need to practice further.

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