Thinking Like an Anthropologis
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Thinking Like an Anthropologist

John T. Omohundro, SUNY Potsdam

ISBN: 0073195804
Copyright year: 2008

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Culture?
Chapter 2: How Do I Learn About Culture? The Naturalistic Question
Chapter 3: What is the Context for This Practice or Idea?
Chapter 4: Do Other Societies Do Something Like This?
Chapter 5: What Was This Idea or Practice Like in the Past?
Chapter 6: How are Human Biology, Culture, and Environment Interacting?
Chapter 7: What Are the Groups and Relationships?
Chapter 8: What Does That Mean? The Interpretive Question
Chapter 9: What is My Perspective? The Reflexive Question
Chapter 10: Am I Judging This? The Relativistic Question
Chapter 11: What Do the People Say? The Dialogic Question

    Afterword: Putting It All Together
    Works Cited

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