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Classware Overview

Student Edition
Interactions 2 Listening and Speaking, Silver Edition

Judith Tanka
Lida R. Baker

ISBN: 0073328464
Copyright year: 2007

Classware Overview

Classware is an online resource for ESL students, and is available free with every McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT textbook. This fully-integrated online resource hosts a comprehensive range of materials and activities to reinforce and expand on new English language learning concepts introduced in each of the series’s 18 Student Books.

Classware focuses on vocabulary building, test taking, and critical thinking skills that accommodate the needs of global English learners. Content encourages students to recycle prior knowledge, while challenging them apply new concepts in different contexts to reinforce understanding. Classware can be utilized as in classroom assignments, or self-directed study to encourage students to take ownership of their English language learning.

Today’s English learners utilize a variety of constantly evolving new technology and media in their academic and professional environments. The Online Learning Center supplements the concepts introduced in the Student Books by extending their learning experience to an Internet-based learning platform that hosts interactive activities, as well as provides all audio as convenient downloadable MP3s.

Reading Strand: Silver Edition reading strand books are organized into three parts: Reading Skills and Strategies, Building Vocabulary and Study Skills, and Focus on Testing. These concentrations are carried over to Classware, providing students with new essays and questions that will enable them to gauge and improve their reading comprehension. Vocabulary and critical thinking skill-building activities provide the opportunity to practice necessary skills for standardized testing.

New Listening/Speaking Strand: Listening/Speaking Silver Edition Student Books feature updated, contemporary lectures and dialogues to engage students with content relevant to their lives and work. Classware for the Interactions Access, Interactions 1, and Interactions 2 Listening/Speaking Student Books offers opportunities for students to test their comprehension of native English speakers with Before You Listen and After You Listen activities. For the Mosaic 1 and Mosaic 2 Listening/Speaking Student Books, students’ are further challenged to respond through short-essay questions to specific concepts and topics from the audio.

Scripts of all of the audio recordings from the Student Books will be available, as well as MP3s to provide students with convenient options for refining their listening skills.

New Writing Strand:Classware activities for the writing strand Student Books enables students to practice their composition skills, from sentence formation, to essay development. Level-appropriate writing prompts and fill-in-the-blank exercises assist students with practicing their writing and editing skills, and receive valuable feedback in the form of sample responses.

New Grammar Strand: Grammar is the foundation of proper English usage. The grammar strand Student Books introduce concepts in a clear and practical format, and engage students in numerous exercises applying these concepts. Often, students need additional practice to reinforce difficult grammatical lessons. Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions provide them with practice applying the books’ concepts in new contexts, and receive instant feedback.

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