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Write the letter of the definition that best matches the underlined words and phrases in the sentences below.

  1. items that are worth a lot of money, or have special meaning
  2. to do something on a regular basis
  3. a person who does not clean up his or her mess
  4. help out
  5. fail to see
  6. a lock with a key
  7. aggressive or dangerous


The restaurant is across the street from the movie theater. You can't miss it!

I hate action movies. They are too violent.

We keep all of our valuables in the bank.

My roommate will never lift a finger to help me wash the dishes.

I put a deadbolt on the apartment door to prevent someone from breaking in.

It is good to get into the habit of exercising three times a week.

My brother is such a slob! He never washes his dishes or helps clean the house.

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