Urban Economics
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Table of Contents

Urban Economics, 7/e

Arthur O'Sullivan, LEWIS & CLARK COLLEGE

ISBN: 0073375780
Copyright year: 2009

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Axioms of Urban Economics

Part I Market Forces in the Development of Cities

Chapter 2 Why Do Cities Exist?
Chapter 3 Why Do Firms Cluster?
Chapter 4 City Size
Chapter 5 Urban Growth

Part II Land Rent and Land-Use Patterns

Chapter 6 Urban Land Rent
Chapter 7 Land-Use Patterns
Chapter 8 Neighborhood Choice
Chapter 9 Zoning and Growth Controls

Part III Urban Transportation

Chapter 10 Externalities from Autos
Chapter 11 Mass Transit

Part IV Urban Crime

Chapter 12 Crime

Part V Housing

Chapter 13 Why is Housing Different?
Chapter 14 Housing Policy

Part VI Local Government

Chapter 15 The Role of Local Government
Chapter 16 Local Government Revenue

Appendix Tools of Microeconomics

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