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Essentials of Econometrics, 4/e

Damodar N. Gujarati, United States Military Academy, West Point
Dawn C. Porter, University of Southern California

ISBN: 0073375845
Copyright year: 2010

Gujarati and Porter's Essentials of Econometrics provides a user-friendly introduction to econometric theory and techniques. The examples and applications in the text help students understand econometrics without matrix algebra, calculus, or advanced statistics.

The Fourth Edition offers new improvements:

  • New text organization: Complete coverage of introductory statistics moved to the appendix in order to streamline topics and jump right into linear regression techniques
  • Concrete computer printouts: Detailed results from EVIEWS, STATA, and MINITAB illustrate examples
  • Updated exercises and diagrams: New diagrams, graphs, and data-based exercises focus on practice and application
  • Easy access to data: Small-sized data included in the text; all of the tables, including the large sample data, posted on the textbook's Web site

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