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Your UNIX/Linux: The Ultimate Guide, 3/e

Sumitabha Das

ISBN: 0073376205
Copyright year: 2013

Your UNIX/Linux: The Ultimate Guide, third edition, is written with both users and programmers in mind and is the ultimate UNIX/Linux text. Both pedagogical tool and exhaustive reference, it is well suited to any course that includes UNIX or Linux. A strong pedagogical framework sets it apart from similar texts and allows beginning students to gain a firm grasp of fundamental concepts, while chapters on advanced topics inspire the more experienced reader to move beyond the basics. Nearly a thousand exercises and self-test questions provide a way for students to test and reinforce their understanding of the material.

The new edition of Your UNIX/Linux includes :

  • A separate chapter on the essentials of C programming.
  • Coverage of the GNU debugger ( gdb ), which is a more effective, powerful debugger than dbx , the original UNIX debugger.
  • The popular Concurrent Version System (CVS), which is found on all Linux systems.
  • The bc calculator utility, an efficient computing tool for shell programmers.
  • Coverage of the pico editor, with the chapter on emacs relegated to an appendix.
  • A wealth of real-life examples.
  • Numerous learning aids such as Notes, Tips, Caution boxes, and a separate icon that highlights Linux references.

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