Data Comm. and Networking
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Data Communications and Networking, 5/e

Behrouz A. Forouzan

ISBN: 0073376221
Copyright year: 2013

New to this Edition

New features and their benefits:  

New Organization

The new edition has been reorganized to showcase recent developments in the field and minimize or eliminate coverage of deprecated topics.

New Material

  • Peer-to-Peer paradigm has been added as a new chapter (Chapter 29).
  • Quality of service (QoS) has been augmented and added as a new chapter (Chapter 30).
  • Chapter 10 has been augmented to include the forward error correction .
  • WiMAX, as the wireless access network, has been added to Chapter 16.
  • The coverage of the transport-layer protocol has been augmented (Chapter 23).
  • Socket-interface programming in Java has been added to Chapter 25.
  • Chapter 28, on multimedia, has been totally revised and augmented.
  • Contents of unicast and multicast routing (Chapters 20 and 21) have gone through a major change and have been augmented.
  • The next generation IP has been augmented and now belongs to Chapter 22.
  • The content of every chapter has been updated.

Enhanced End-of-Chapter Material

The end-of-chapter material has been significantly enhanced and now includes more than 630 questions, 600 problems, many lab assignments, and programming assignments that allow students to see problems and protocols in action.

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