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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 10/e
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Generation of Magma (155.0K)
Mount St. Helens Eruption (50.0K)
Development of Basin and Range Features (128.0K)
Obital Motion in Shallow Water (70.0K)
Seasonal Cycle of a Beach (57.0K)
Longshore Drift of Sand (48.0K)
Spits and Baymouth Bars (52.0K)
Coastal Straightening (21.0K)
Fault Movement (182.0K)
Normal Faults (135.0K)
Reverse and Thrust Faults (91.0K)
Focus of an Earthquake (17.0K)
Particle Motion in Seismic Waves (60.0K)
Tsunami (157.0K)
Seismic Refraction (791.0K)
Isostatic Adjustment (36.0K)
Glacial Effect on Crust (42.0K)
Plate Motion and Mantle Plumes (76.0K)
Fringing Reefs and Atolls (78.0K)
Breakup of Pangaea (35.0K)
Origin of Magnetic Anomalies (46.0K)
Divergent Plate Boundary (88.0K)
Ocean-Ocean Convergence (76.0K)
Ocean-Continent Convergence (349.0K)
Continent-Continent Collision (27.0K)
Mantle Convection (32.0K)
Continental Breakup by Mantle Plumes (28.0K)
Hot Spots and Aseismic Ridges (186.0K)
Isostasy in a Mountain Belt (9.0K)