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Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature, 10/e

Barbara Kiefer, Ohio State University-Columbus

ISBN: 0073378569
Copyright year: 2010

Table of Contents

Part I: Learning about Books and Children
Chapter 1: Knowing Children's Literature
Chapter 2: Understanding Children's Response to Literature
Chapter 3: The Changing World of Children's Books
Part II: Exploring Children's Literature
Chapter 4: Books to Begin On
Chapter 5: Picture Books
Chapter 6: Traditional Literature
Chapter 7: Modern Fantasy
Chapter 8: Poetry
Chapter 9: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Chapter 10: Historical Fiction
Chapter 11: Nonfiction
Chapter 12: Biography
Part III: Developing a Literature Program
Chapter 13: Planning the Literature Program
A: Children's Book Awards
B: Book Selection Aids
C: Publishers' Addresses
D: Hot Off the Prese
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Subject Index

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