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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 7/e

Kenneth Rosen

ISBN: 0073383090
Copyright year: 2012

About the Author

Kenneth H. Rosen has had a long career as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Laboratories in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He currently holds the position of Visiting Research Professor at Monmouth University, where he teaches graduate courses in computer science.

Dr. Rosen received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1972), and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from M.I.T. (1976), where he wrote his thesis in the area of number theory under the direction of Harold Stark. Before joining Bell Laboratories in 1982, he held positions at the University of Colorado, Boulder; The Ohio State University, Columbus; and the University of Maine, Orono, where he was an associate professor of mathematics. While working at AT&T Labs, he taught at Monmouth University, teaching courses in discrete mathematics, coding theory, and data security. He currently teaches courses in algorithm design and in computer security and cryptography.

Dr. Rosen has published numerous articles in professional journals in number theory and in mathematical modeling. He is the author of the widely used Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications, published by Pearson, currently in its sixth edition, which has been translated into Chinese. He is also the author of Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, published by McGraw-Hill, currently in its seventh edition. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications has sold more than 350,000 copies in North America during its lifetime, and hundreds of thousands of copies throughout the rest of the world. This book has also been translated into Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. He is also co-author of UNIX: The Complete Reference; UNIX SystemV Release 4: An Introduction; and Best UNIX Tips Ever, all published by Osborne McGraw-Hill. These books have sold more than 150,000 copies, with translations into Chinese, German, Spanish, and Italian. Dr. Rosen is also the editor of the Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, published by CRC Press, and he is the advisory editor of the CRC series of books in discrete mathematics, consisting of more than 55 volumes on different aspects of discrete mathematics, most of which are introduced in this book. Dr. Rosen serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Discrete Mathematics, where he works with submitted papers in several areas of discrete mathematics, including graph theory, enumeration, and number theory. He is also interested in integrating mathematical software into the educational and professional environments, and worked on several projects with Waterloo Maple Inc.’s MapleTM software in both these areas. Dr. Rosen has also worked with several publishing companies on their homework delivery platforms.

At Bell Laboratories and AT&T Laboratories, Dr. Rosen worked on a wide range of projects, including operations research studies, product line planning for computers and data communications equipment, and technology assessment. He helped plan AT&T’s products and services in the area of multimedia, including video communications, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and image networking. He evaluated new technology for use by AT&T and did standards work in the area of image networking. He also invented many new services, and holds more than 55 patents. One of his more interesting projects involved helping evaluate technology for the AT&T attraction that was part of EPCOT Center.

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