Puntos de partida, 9e
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Puntos de partida, 9/e

Thalia Dorwick
Ana María Pérez-Gironés, Wesleyan University
Anne Becher, Colorado University, Boulder
Casilde Isabelli, University of Nevada, Reno

ISBN: 0073385417
Copyright year: 2012

As one of the best-selling introductory Spanish titles, Puntos de partida, or Puntos, as it is commonly referred to, has offered over a million students a starting place for their language studies. Today, the Spanish classroom is changing as are the teaching and learning experiences. Professors are offering more hybrid and online courses, technology is providing functionality we could only dream about a few years ago, and the students we teach are ever-changing. To complement the changing environment, materials for inside and outside the classroom must change and evolve as well. By employing a wide array of research tools including surveys, focus groups, symposia, and ethnographic studies, we listened to our customers—students and professors—to determine the most effective components of Puntos and to take an important leap forward in digital innovation.

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