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California: An Interpretive History, 10/e

James J. Rawls, Diablo Valley College
Walton Bean, University of California at Berkeley

ISBN: 0073406961
Copyright year: 2012

Table of Contents


Part One: California Beginnings

    Chapter 1: Geography and History
    Chapter 2: The Original Californians
    Chapter 3: European Exploration and Founding
    Chapter 4: Outposts of a Dying Empire
    Chapter 5: A Marginal Province of a Troubled Republic
    Chapter 6: American Infiltration

Part Two: The Rush for Riches

    Chapter 7: The American Conquest
    Chapter 8: The Gold Rush and Economic Development
    Chapter 9: A New State and Frontier Politics
    Chapter 10: Crime and Punishment
    Chapter 11: Racial Oppression and Conflict
    Chapter 12: Culture and Anarchy

Part Three: The Railroad Era

    Chapter 13: Building the Central Pacific Railroad
    Chapter 14: The “Terrible Seventies”
    Chapter 15: Political Turmoil and a New Constitution
    Chapter 16: Economic Growth
    Chapter 17: Culture and Oligarchy
    Chapter 18: Politics in the Era of Railroad Domination

Part Four: Modernization and Its Discontents

    Chapter 19: Labor and Capital
    Chapter 20: The Roots of Reform
    Chapter 21: The Republican Progressives in Power
    Chapter 22: The Triumph of Conservatism
    Chapter 23: New Industries for Southern California
    Chapter 24: Controversies Over Land and Water

Part Five: The State and the Nation

    Chapter 25: The Great Depression
    Chapter 26: Cultural Trends
    Chapter 27: Wartime Growth and Problems
    Chapter 28: Politics California Style
    Chapter 29: Industrialized Agriculture and Disorganized Labor
    Chapter 30: Diversity and Conflict

Part Six: The Challenge of California

    Chapter 31: A Season of Discontent
    Chapter 32: Culture and Identity
    Chapter 33: Recent California Politics
    Chapter 34: The Environment and Energy
    Chapter 35: The New California Economy
    Chapter 36: Contemporary California Society


Table of Contents (59.0K)

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