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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Reasons for white hostilities against Spanish-speaking miners included which of the following?
A)Language barriers made cooperation difficult.
B)Spanish-speaking miners often trespassed on American lands.
C)Language barriers made cooperation difficult, and many Mexicans from Sonora were experienced miners.
D)Many Mexicans from Sonora were experienced miners.
Which of the following is NOT true of the 1851 land commission act?
A)It led to claim disputes that averaged 17 years in resolving ownership.
B)It provided that rejected claims be turned into public lands.
C)It was introduced by Henry Halleck.
D)It inspired the novel The Squatter and the Don.
By 1852, the Chinese in California
A)formed the largest foreign minority in the state.
B)were often victims of white or Chinese labor and debt exploitation.
C)were the principal target of the foreign miners' license tax.
D)all of these.
In 1855, California law made those who were subject to the foreign miners' license tax
A)ineligible for citizenship.
B)exempt from other tax payments.
C)register with the federal government.
D)pay a $50 head tax.
Extermination of California Indians by whites was
A)carried out throughout the state beginning in the 1850s.
B)encouraged by newspapers in the 1860s.
C)financed by the state.
D)all of these.
The right of legal testimony given by minorities
A)was extended to blacks, Chinese, and Indians in 1863.
B)was extended only to blacks in 1863.
C)was revoked in 1870.
D)all of these.
According to historian Kevin Starr, "Forty-niners' disease" was
A)taxation of Mexican and Chinese miners.
B)hostility to people who were different.
C)succumbing to illness because of malnutrition in the mines.
D)believing that Americans were superior to native Californians.

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