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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The most enduring and original literary voice of California in the 1850s and 1860s was
A)Bret Harte.
B)Louise Clappe.
C)Mark Twain.
D)James Hutchings.
According to the text, John Rollin Ridge's account of Joaquín Murieta may have
A)brought him vicarious satisfaction for white mistreatment of Indians.
B)enabled him to vicariously avenge his own father's death.
C)been based more on fiction than verifiable fact.
D)all of these.
Bret Harte's popular poem, "The Heathen Chinee,"
A)sold more copies than any other early California poem.
B)was a burlesque that backfired and fed anti-Chinese sentiments.
C)was actually the work of Mark Twain.
D)was the first of his many popular gold-rush writings.
Which of the following statements is NOT true of "Joaquin" Miller?
A)He became known as "the poet of the Sierras."
B)His birth name was Cincinnatus Miller.
C)His glorification of Joaquín Murieta led to his own nickname.
D)He wrote under the pen name "Yellow Bird."
California's first poet laureate was
A)Adah Mencken.
B)Ina Coolbrith.
C)Louise Clappe.
D)none of these.
The first Christian congregation in San Francisco included
D)all of these.
The slow beginning of public education in California was the result of
A)an irresponsible and selfish citizenry.
B)the shortsightedness of the citizenry.
C)the higher priority of prison-spending.
D)all of these.

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