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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The Los Angeles-San Pedro Railroad was forced to turn itself over to the Southern Pacific Railroad or
A)risk the Southern Pacific not granting it a connecting line to the Southern Pacific's main system.
B)reroute its track as demanded by the SP.
C)face the resignation of its president, H. R. Huntington.
D)all of these.
Which of the following is NOT true of the Southern Pacific in the late nineteenth century?
A)It became nicknamed "the octopus."
B)It was bought by the Northern Pacific Railroad.
C)It purchased the California Steam Navigation Company.
D)Its corporate headquarters were in Kentucky.
The Southern Pacific could exercise its vast control by
A)setting shipping rates that threatened a shipper with bankruptcy.
B)arbitrarily setting different rates to favor one shipper over another.
C)showing economic favoritism to selected politicians.
D)all of these.
Frederick Jackson Turner's 1893 theory that the frontier advanced and developed as settlers continued to move westward onto free land
A)had no application in California.
B)explains the process of settlement in California.
C)was considered an oversimplification when first proposed.
D)explains the process of settlement in California, though it was considered an oversimplification when first proposed.
One explanation for Henry Miller's Central Valley cattle empire was that he
A)bought vast "swamp lands" along the San Joaquin River at $1.25 per acre.
B)made a fortune as a San Francisco bartender.
C)utilized scientific irrigation methods to grow grains.
D)partnered with Charles Lux, a skilled and wealthy rancher.
The Mussel Slough tragedy demonstrated
A)the power of the Southern Pacific to win questionable legal battles.
B)the Southern Pacific's attempt to defraud groups of early settlers.
C)widespread negative public opinion of the Southern Pacific.
D)all of these.
Ralston's Ring refers to
A)a group of Bank of California bankers who became rich after loaning money to Comstock silver miners.
B)the vast "ring" of real estate owned by Ralston in the San Francisco Bay area.
C)the silver "ring" of several huge Comstock mines purchased by Ralston and his partners.
D)all of these.

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