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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Chinese immigrants in California found work as
A)menial and agricultural laborers.
B)domestic servants and laundresses.
C)manufacturers and factory owners.
D)all of these.
In an ironic development, white employers began to find themselves
A)working for the Chinese.
B)in competition with Chinese workers.
C)marrying Chinese women.
D)in competition with Chinese workers and marrying Chinese women.
The Workingmen's Party organized in 1877 in response to
A)the importing of Japanese workers by the Pacific Mail Steamship Company.
B)beliefs that the government and the well-to-do were united against laborers.
C)vigilance committee violence.
D)the arrest and trial of Denis Kearney.
Denis Kearney was arrested in 1879 because
A)he violated the "gag law" by speaking to a group of more than 25 people.
B)he threatened to destroy Charles Crocker's private fence.
C)he abused and slandered the Chinese.
D)he violated the "gag law" by speaking to a group of more than 25 people and threatened to destroy Charles Crocker's private fence.
The California Constitution adopted in 1879
A)included a ban on Chinese immigration.
B)established a state railroad commission.
C)created a state board of equalization.
D)all of these.
The new constitution was generally regarded as
A)a victory for laborers.
B)a failure at establishing true government reform.
C)the reason the Workingmen's Party disbanded.
D)a tool for controlling the railroad's monopoly.
The federal government passed anti-Chinese legislation in 1882 and 1892 primarily because
A)national political party candidates feared losing western support if they did not.
B)the economy had recovered, and immigrants were no longer needed.
C)the Chinese American birthrate had grown too large.
D)all of these.

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