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Multiple Choice Quiz
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One of the strongest voices against the Southern Pacific's land monopoly was
A)Ambrose Bierce.
B)George Gordon.
C)Henry George.
D)Jack London.
California's earliest historians included all of the following EXCEPT
A)H. H. Bancroft.
B)T. H. Hittell.
C)Josiah Royce.
D)W. R. Hearst.
The early San Francisco Examiner's editorial policy favored
A)the most lively news slant that could be arranged.
B)entertainment over information.
C)tight control over its national chain of dailies.
D)all of these.
The most prestigious nineteenth century California artist was
A)Albert Bierstadt.
B)Charles Nahl.
C)Thomas Hill.
D)William Keith.
The Monterey colonial style of architecture had its roots in
A)colonial America.
B)neo-Spanish revival.
C)California Mission design.
D)all of these.
The state constitution of 1879 represented a setback for
A)separatism of church and state.
B)public funding to secondary schools.
C)equal pay for male and female teachers.
D)founding the University of California educational system.
One impetus for establishing higher education in California was
A)the death of Leland Stanford, Jr.
B)the 1891 law mandating expansion of high schools.
C)church-sponsored private colleges.
D)all of these.

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