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Internet Exercises
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Information about Leland Stanford, Sr.'s life and work can be found at How would you describe the tone of the biography here? What was one of Stanford's primary hobbies? In the essay "Beyond Capitalism: Leland Stanford's Forgotten Vision," by Lee Altenberg, what else do you learn about the man? Why do you think these ideas of Stanford's are not widely known?
Read a short biography of Collis P. Huntington, with links to railroad and history sites, at Click the link to "Redding." How is Huntington connected to this site? What essential element is missing from the site?
Review the life of William Randolph Hearst at Who maintains this page? At the site, what do you learn about Hearst and his mentor, Joseph Pulitzer? Did Hearst have children? What family information does this site provide? What was Hearst's role in the Spanish American War?

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