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Multiple Choice Quiz
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A crimp was a
A)tightly cramped sailor's berth.
B)sailors' boardinghouse keeper.
C)sailors' form of payment for food and clothing.
D)none of these.
The true leader of coastal trade reform was
A)Andrew Furuseth.
B)Burnette Haskell.
C)Robert La Follette.
D)Richard Henry Dana.
Early labor strikes by San Francisco women occurred in which of the following industries?
A)food service.
C)telephone operators.
D)all of these.
Southern Californian Harrison Gray Otis advanced which of the following beliefs?
A)Organized employees were the most loyal workers.
B)Men of wealth were men of genius.
C)Strikes and boycotts were unworthy behavior among workers.
D)Men of wealth were men of genius and strikes, and boycotts were unworthy behavior among workers.
The Citizens' Alliance group stood in support of
A)employers against organized labor.
B)unions striking for better conditions.
C)the 8-hour day.
D)the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building.
California agricultural workers historically did not organize because they
A)could not afford union dues.
B)worked seasonally rather than in year-round harvests.
C)faced hostility by unions.
D)all of these.
The I.W.W. platform included
A)commitment to organizing migratory workers.
B)free-speech fights.
C)opposition to racial discrimination.
D)all of these.

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