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Read survivors' accounts and view images of the 1906 earthquake and fire that leveled San Francisco at
The underbelly of corruption in San Francisco, Abe Reuf's confession to bribery, and reports that corruption is finally weeded out, are taken from historic documents quoted and cited by the Museum of the City of San Francisco at According to this text, how long did it take to purge the city of its "evils"? What is the attitude of the editor of this piece to city politics then and now? Do you agree?
Fremont Older's life is described by his novelist wife, with links to sites about his political activities, at What is the source of the article in the section called "Fremont Older Wants Abe Ruef Released from Prison"? What is your reaction to the information it contains? Where could you look for a larger perspective on the Older-Reuf antagonism?

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