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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Socialism, which gained a foothold in state politics early in the twentieth century, weakened after WWI for which of these reasons?
A)disunity within the ranks.
B)citizen distraction by the war.
C)its similarities to progressive proposals.
D)all of these.
The fate of radical socialist Thomas Mooney was that he
A)was hanged after trial.
B)was pardoned by President Nixon.
C)received a commuted sentence to life in prison.
D)none of these.
The IWW opposed WWI on the principle that
A)the only worthwhile war would be one against capitalism.
B)taking up arms was unpatriotic.
C)they were too busy striking.
D)all of these.
Charlotte Anita Whitney was arrested for her alleged
A)advocacy of violence to bring about political change.
B)activities with proven Communists.
C)defense of convicted socialists Mooney and Billings.
D)all of these.
San Francisco's "American plan," or open shop, refers to labor conditions in which
A)employees were encouraged not to join unions.
B)employers were encouraged to hire non-union workers.
C)union and non-union members were expected to work together.
D)all of these.
Throughout California, in the 1920s, organized labor
A)grew steadily weaker.
B)enjoyed soaring memberships.
C)won huge demands by effective striking.
D)appealed mostly to immigrant workers.
The Republican party prospered in California in the early twentieth century because
A)its ranks were swelled by Midwestern migration.
B)Democrats in the state split over prohibition.
C)an air of prosperity, which favored their programs, prevailed.
D)all of these.

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