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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The oil boom in downtown Los Angeles led to which of these conditions?
A)mass production of conversion engines for automobiles.
B)razing of the city's historic district to drill for oil.
C)Los Angeles surpassing San Francisco as the state's richest city.
D)decline of California's reliance on coal as its main fuel source.
In 1908, a new record was set for driving from coast to coast in
A)ten days.
B)one week.
C)22 days.
D)two weeks.
Which of the following did NOT influence the rise of the state highway system?
A)home delivery of mail.
B)organization of two popular automobile clubs.
C)passage of the state highway tax.
D)creation of the California state bureau of highways.
The California film industry developed quickly because
A)it was a good distance from Edison's potential lawsuits.
B)the climate made artificial lighting less necessary.
C)Hollywood producers could escape into Mexico whenever necessary.
D)all of these.
The film The Birth of a Nation did all but which of the following?
A)glorify the Ku Klux Klan.
B)draw sympathy from President Wilson.
C)help end racial stereotypes.
D)encourage racial stereotyping.
In the 1920s, movie themes shifted to
A)rural and idyllic story lines.
B)relaxed moral attitudes about sex and marriage.
C)biblical pageantry.
D)all of these.

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