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Multiple Choice Quiz
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John Steinbeck's writings drew heavily on
A)his observations about migrant labor conditions.
B)impressions of the Salinas Valley and other California landscapes.
C)personal family history.
D)all of these.
Newspaper scion William Randolph Hearst's newspaper chain
A)included several of California's largest newspapers.
B)was at its peak in the 1950s.
C)expanded under the management of his sons.
D)collapsed under the management of his sons.
Which of the following statements is NOT true of the newspaper industry?
A)The Los Angeles Times continued to improve under successive generations.
B)Advertising income began to fall behind production costs.
C)Suburban newspapers after WWII competed with city dailies.
D)Television attempted but failed to compete with newspapers.
The Los Angeles Times's line of succession has included
A)Harrison Gray Otis, his son-in-law Harry Chandler, and Chandler's son.
B)Harrison Gray Otis, his son, and then it was sold.
C)Harrison Gray Otis, followed by his widow and a nephew.
D)There was no line of succession.
According to the text, the cultural heart of California
A)was initially in San Francisco and has managed to remain there.
B)was initially in Los Angeles and has managed to remain there.
C)is no longer predominantly in either of those cities.
D)has shifted to the Sacramento region.
California's two early leading women photographers were
A)Imogen Coco and Nell Chouinard.
B)Dorothea Lange and Imogen Cunningham.
C)Margaret Dixon and Dorothea Lange.
D)none of these.
Among Willis Polk's architectural achievements included
A)the Getty Pavilion.
B)the San Francisco Ferry Building.
C)the Pacific Union Club.
D)the San Francisco Ferry Building and the Pacific Union Club.

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