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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The first explorer to sight California from sea was
A)the Portuguese Sebastián Cermeño.
B)the Spaniard Juan Cabrillo.
C)the Englishman Francis Drake.
D)the Spaniard Cristoforto Columbo.
New Spain's primary interest in locating a safe harbor along the California coast was to
A)restock food and water for its Manila galleons.
B)search for valuable sea otter pelts.
C)find the gold that Indians told them about.
D)establish several missions for the Church.
In 1767, after 200 years, Jesuits were expelled from all the missions of New Spain and replaced by
A)Mexican soldiers.
C)Gaspar de Portolá.
D)Charles III.
José de Galvez's argument for developing the Californias was based on
A)beliefs that they would enrich the Spanish government.
B)fears that Russia would soon colonize California.
C)rumors that England would claim the territory.
D)all of these.
Father Junípero Serra was
A)the first Franciscan missionary in Alta California.
B)a professor of philosophy.
C)like St. Francis, a practitioner of mortification of the flesh.
D)all of these.
Serra founded the first of the California missions at
A)San Francisco in 1776.
B)San Diego in 1769.
C)Tubac in 1757.
D)Carmel in 1769.
The second of the Franciscan missions was founded at
B)Los Angeles.
C)San Pedro.
D)San Francisco.

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