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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Youthful social unrest in the 1960s was partly provoked by
A)the Vietnam War.
B)a sense of frustration about corruption in America.
C)racial segregation and antagonism, especially in urban areas.
D)all of these.
The Master Plan for Higher Education included all of the following EXCEPT
A)a provision for post-WWII population growth.
B)a provision for a state university system.
C)a provision for 4-year community colleges.
D)a provision for post-WWII population growth and a provision for a state university system.
The largest mass arrest in state history occurred at
A)the Watts/Los Angeles race riots.
B)Berkeley, with the Free Speech demonstrators.
C)San Francisco City Hall.
D)Golden Gate Park during the "summer of love."
The word "hippie" derives from
A)the wearing of hip-hugging, bellbottom pants.
B)the word "hipster," coined by Norman Mailer.
C)H.P.I., an early psychedelic drug.
D)none of the these.
The Black Panther Party was founded by
A)Stokely Carmichael.
B)Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.
C)Malcolm X.
D)Eldridge Cleaver.

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