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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Personal writing in celebration of regionalism describes the style of which of the following California authors?
A)Joan Didion.
B)John Steinbeck.
C)Gerald Haslam.
D)Gerald Vizenor.
California's contribution to modern art has included
A)the "assemblage" form of sculpture.
B)abstract expressionism.
C)a painting style called "hard edge."
D)all of these.
The "L.A. Look" in art and other cultural designs can loosely be defined as
A)sleek, cubist, and mirrored.
B)a concern for the facade, or exterior, appearance.
C)pop art.
D)none of these.
Residential architecture of a distinctly California style includes
A)elements that unite indoor and outdoor living.
B)red tile roofs and citrus landscaping.
C)elements of playfulness and make-believe.
D)all of these.
The most important California musical composer of the twentieth century was
A)Igor Stravinsky.
B)John Cage.
C)Roger Sessions.
D)Darius Milhaud.
California's response to British rock music in the 1960s was initiated by
A)the Grateful Dead.
B)Janis Joplin.
C)the Byrds.
D)The Jefferson Airplane.

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