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Multiple Choice Quiz
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By the year 2009, Californians were earning how much more than the national average?
A)8 percent.
B)10 percent.
C)11 percent.
D)12 percent.
"Post-industrial" refers to an economic foundation that
A)is no longer based on industrial goods, but has shifted to such things as providing services.
B)changed after the Industrial Revolution.
C)develops in third world countries.
D)all of these.
The most supportive California educational institution in the early era of technology was
A)UC Berkeley.
B)Stanford University.
C)California Polytechnic Institute.
D)Hewlett University.
Military base closures and a slowdown in aerospace and weapons development in California in the 1990s were directly related to
A)the end of the Cold War.
B)collapse of the Soviet Union.
C)reunification of Germany.
D)all of these.
California is the nation's leading center of agriculture, but the industry still faces which of the following challenges?
A)loss of farmland to development.
B)loss of small farms to agricultural corporations.
C)setbacks in conditions and wages for field workers.
D)all of these.

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