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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Captain Juan Bautista's achievements included
A)opening the route from Mexico to Mendocino, California.
B)completing his expedition from Tubac to Monterey in 1774.
C)founding the San Francisco mission and presidio in 1775.
D)both completing his expedition from Tubac to Monterey and founding the San Francisco mission and presidio.
The Alta California colony was viewed by many in New Spain as
A)a land of opportunity and wealth.
B)an escape from poverty.
C)a chance to give aid to Indians.
D)a place to show their military might.
Pobladore is a Spanish word meaning
A)political leader.
B)settler or populator.
C)traditional diet.
D)little portion.
Indians responded to life at the missions by
A)running away.
B)revitalizing their traditional beliefs.
C)violent resistance.
D)all of these.
The Yuma massacre in 1781 was the most successful
A)settlement upon the Colorado River.
B)Spanish attack on Yuma Indians.
C)Indian rebellion against Spanish soldiers.
D)all of these.
Spain's international power declined
A)as a result of the economic drain of maintaining its colonial empire.
B)in the early 1800s because of war with France's Napoleon Bonaparte.
C)with the Mexican Revolution, 1810-1821.
D)all of these.

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