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Fundamentals of Graphics Communication, 6/e

Gary R. Bertoline, Purdue University
Eric N. Wiebe, North Carolina State University
Nathan W. Hartman, Purdue University
William A. Ross, Purdue University, Emeritus

ISBN: 0073522635
Copyright year: 2011

Fundamentals of Graphics Communication presents a modern approach to engineering graphics, providing students with a strong foundation in 3-D solid modeling techniques and graphics communication in the engineering design process. The goal of this text is to help students learn the techniques and practices of technical graphics, enabling them to create and communicate successful design ideas. Design concepts are well integrated, including team design exercises and current design examples from industry.

The sixth edition features new 3-D solid modeling documentation and sketches. Solid modeling creation and editing techniques are presented with new learning activities, as well as discussions of standards and CAD data exchange. The 3-D solid modeling activities focus on the assembly, design, and function of products through the inclusion of new assembly modeling projects. New exercises also emphasize visualization, graphical and spatial problem solving through the use of interactive solid modeling, sketching and related documentation.

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