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Introduction to Operations Research, 10/e

Fred Hillier, Stanford University

ISBN: 0073523453
Copyright year: 2015

Feature Summary

The Online Learning Center associated with this text contains:

  • Student versions of the MPL Modeling System and its elite solvers, as well as an MPL tutorial and formulation examples from the text
  • Student versions of LINGO and LINDO with many formulation examples from the text
  • OR Tutor and IOR Tutorial for efficiently learning various algorithms
  • Excel spreadsheet formulations and solutions, using either the standard Excel Solver or the Analytic Solver Platform for Education, for the examples in the text
  • Many Excel templates for automatically solving a variety of models

Digital supplements ConnectPlus (125917400X) and LearnSmart (1259173992) have been added to this textbook package to make it convenient for students to learn the material and easier for instructors to assign and grade their work.

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.