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Classroom Observation Guidelines (472.0K)

Chapter 1:
The Pros and Cons of Teaching

Chapter 2:
A Multiple Intelligences Lesson in Action
Including Students with Special Needs

Chapter 3:
Adolescent Self-Concept at Age 16 (14922.0K)
Talking about Drugs at Age 15 (11541.0K)
Characteristics of Children Who Bully (15512.0K)
Sex Differences in Bullying Behavior (7504.0K)

Chapter 4:
Progressivism in Action

Chapter 5:
Identifying Bias in the Classroom
Analyzing the Role Play

Chapter 6:
Essentialism in Action

Chapter 7:
School Board Meeting

Chapter 8:
Cheating: A Dramatization
Cheating: Student and Teacher Interviews

Chapter 9:
Tour of a Charter School

Chapter 10:
Explaining Standardized Test Scores

Chapter 11:
Effective Teaching

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