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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Read each question carefully and then select the best answer.


The "Fourth Estate" refers to:
A)an almanac.
B)an exposé.
C)a large mansion.
D)journalism, or the news profession.

Which of the following is NOT a fictional character?
A)Lois Lane
B)Lou Grant
C)Brenda Starr
D)Bob Woodward

Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick was:
A)America's first newspaper.
B)a book about journalism.
C)a major sex scandal in the 1800s.
D)an early TV series.

One of the earlier court cases involving freedom of the press in America was:
A)a major cause of the Boston Tea Party.
B)the Zenger case.
C)resolved in favor of news censorship.
D)presided over by Thomas Jefferson.

The first newspaper cartoon in America was published by:
A)Ben Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754.
B)The New York Times in 1900.
C)The Washington Post in the early 1950s.

The Penny Press refers to:
A)early American newspapers that sold for a penny a copy.
B)cheap tabloids that exploit sensational news.
C)what a newspaper really costs to produce.
D)the top American newspaper in 1900.

Yellow journalism refers to:
A)the color of the paper used for early newspapers.
B)a style of newspaper using loud headlines, sensational stories, and lavish pictures, often faked.
C)newspapers published in other countries.
D)children's newspapers.

How have newspapers changed in the past few years to compete with Internet news sources?
A)They are more tightly written.
B)They are better formatted.
C)They are better designed.
D)all of the above

Which of the following writers started out as a newspaper reporter?
A)Mark Twain
B)Hunter S. Thompson
C)Ernest Hemingway
D)all of the above

All the President's Men is:
A)a book by two reporters about their exposé of the Watergate scandal in TheWashington Post.
B)a famous series of articles about the White House staff.
C)a TV show based on life at a newspaper.
D)a fictional account of a future president.

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