Budd Labor Relations 3/e
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Table of Contents

Labor Relations: Striking a Balance, 3/e

John W. Budd, University of Minnesota

ISBN: 0073530336
Copyright year: 2010

Table of Contents

Part One: Foundations

Chapter 1 Contemporary Labor Relations: Objectives, Practices, and Challenges

Chapter 2 Labor Unions: Good or Bad?

Part Two: The U.S. New Deal Industrial Relations System

Chapter 3 Historical Development

Chapter 4 Labor Law

Chapter 5 Labor and Management: Strategies, Structures, and Constraints

Chapter 6 Union Organizing

Chapter 7 Bargaining

Chapter 8 Impasses, Strikes, and Dispute Resolution

Chapter 9 Contract Clauses and Their Administration

Part Three: Issues for the 21st Century

Chapter 10 Flexibility, Empowerment, and Partnership 

Chapter 11 Globalization

Part Four: Reflection

Chapter 12 Comparative Labor Relations 

Chapter 13 What Should Labor Relations Do?

Appendix A: The National labor Relations Act

Appendix B: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Appendix C: A Sample NLRB Decision

Appendix D: Collective Bargaining Simulation: The Zinnia and Service Workers Local H-56

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